Policies make-up an almost skeletal structure of what an entity is made up. Through the set guidelines, rules and other policies – one can determine just who, how and why a company even exists.

There are several forms of policies that an organization can incorporate. Some of the most common types are those that dictate what an institute is and what it stands for. These can include – safety, employee conduct, customer related policies, pay and benefits, ethos and behavior related policies, and quite a few more.

Policies are created so that everyone involved (directly or indirectly) with a particular company – in any form – knows how they are supposed to approach and deal with not only each other, but also with people from the outside world.

The ultimate goals of policies that are employed by a school or any other form of institute are to ensure smooth functionality of daily school activities and everything else that goes-in to creating an atmosphere through which – quality education that can be imparted and absorbed.