Our Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy

As an institute of learning, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Who are we and what is our place in the Indian society?
  • What are we doing to contribute to the local and global community?
  • Are our motivations and actions aligned with the spirit of humanity and human progress?
  • Will our actions make this world a better place than the one we inherited?


These questions help us evaluate our actions, and shape our beliefs, goals, policies and practice. We see ourselves as a temple of learning where everyone who wishes to learn or has potential to learn is welcome regardless of their personal circumstances and background.

We are a community of learners wherein we actively foster values including mutual respect, kindness, inclusiveness, honesty, equanimity, love for the nation and fellow countrymen, uphold our constitution, and celebrate diversity in all its forms. All individuals in this community find opportunities to construct a realistic and sound knowledge and understanding of how the world operates, and are empowered with principles, values and abilities to find their own meaning, purpose, identity and place in the story of human progress.

It is our obligation to see to it that when learners graduate from this institute and go out into the real world and face its rapidly evolving challenges, they are well equipped to understand these challenges and find innovative solutions in ways that contributes to the local and global community and to the story of human progress. As an institute of learning, we have been entrusted with the responsibility to train and shape the future authors of this story.

These reflections shape our motivations and guide our actions, practice and policies at HVBGA.As codified in our name, Humanity, Versatility and Brilliance are the three pillars on which HVB institute rests, and we hold our staff and other stakeholders (including parents and learners) to these values and standards.

Our Goals

As an institute of learning, we aim to accomplish the following through our activities:

  • Actively foster change-makers who will shape future for the betterment of local and global community
  • Instil the values of humanity, compassion and kindness in our learners and promote these values in the Indian society at large
  • Weave the element of research in all aspects of education so that our learners may learn to think for themselves and find out reliable information and truth
  • Inculcate respect for the Indian constitution and uphold the democratic values that the constitution guarantees
  • Develop, in our learners, a sense of duty, meaningful service, and the idea of giving back to society