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Ujjwal Bhavishya

Humility and community service form a part of HVB’s guiding principles. In its social responsibility initiative, students are taken to nearby housing societies to mingle and interact with the elderly. Senior students attend camps with a social cause and visit a tribal belt of Maharashtra every year. In a path breaking initiative, HVB has launched ‘Project Impact’ which is aimed at the ‘Beautification of F Road’. It is not only an exercise in experiential learning but also enhances the students’ empathy towards their immediate community and neighbourhood. In another noble cause, On the Armed Forces Flag Day (7th December), under the Sena Dhwaj initiative, contributions are given that are utilized for the welfare of army jawans. Ujjwal Bhavishya is an HVB initiative to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children.

HVB has adopted 50 underprivileged children for the ‘Ujjwal Bhavishya’ project in the school’s Golden Jubilee year. These children are mentored by HVB staff and senior students along with provision of basic requirements like education, uniforms, books etc. The school management and alumni have come together to train them in skills that would enable them to build a successful career.

Our students are encouraged to take up various social- economical projects.
HVB’s ethos is to give quality education to all irrespective of their economic status. Our mission statement encourages us to reach out to the best in each student. In this initiative we see a great contribution to our society. Further, HVB annually organizes social service campaigns through active social campaigning. Our students give service through the programmed ‘Aadhar’. The initiative is in sync with the children of Our Lady of Dolours (a school in our vicinity for the street children). Our children also travel to remote tribal belts like Nimboli where they have contributed to preparing ‘smoke-less chulhas’ (*stove) and teaching at the local school.

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