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Behtar India

NDTV & HVB Global Academy’s Dream for a Behatar India

HVB Global Academy has taken up the cause to make India a better and prosperous country along with NDTV Behatar India campaign. Through this campaign HVB Global Academy aims to instill in children a feeling of nationalism and devotion for their country.

HVB’s Vision, Mission and Motto for the last 50 years has been to nurture imagination, inspire excellence and create lifelong stories. The school has participated in a string of philanthropic projects like Desh Apnaye, Ujjwal Bhavishya etc.
Developed as a path-breaking 360° campaign, Behtar India allows citizens, school children and corporates, to supplement each other’s efforts to drive awareness and initiate tangible progressive actions towards building a better India. Aimed at creating a nationwide movement, the focus is on three main pillars of the campaign – Health, Hygiene, and Environment.

HVB Global Academy is part of this nationwide movement. Under the guidance of our ever willing and vibrant Principal Madam, students and teachers armed with great ideas, passion, and determination successfully completed all three stages. The eager students of HVB Global Academy created a plan of action to spread awareness about Dengue in their locality.
Armed with a self-designed leaflet, children created awareness in their respective neighbourhoods. They collected donations to sponsor Dengue Kits for the underprivileged. During their summer vacations children made it a point to spread awareness of the same wherever they went. Students donated more than Rs. 32,000/-. For the second stage, students in the literal sense ‘took up brooms’ to clean their surroundings. Armed with gloves, brooms and masks they cleaned the ground, ‘Shri Niketan’. Students pledged to maintain it by conducting regular cleanliness drives. On 29th September, they took the initiative to make our mother earth a better place. They planted more than 300 saplings in the urban jungle, Mumbai. Planting so many saplings is not an easy task, but our energetic, resolute and committed team of students and teachers did not budge until they planted the last one.

Beautification of F- Road

30th April,2018 marks the initiation of IMPACT,a pioneer project undertaken by HVB Global Academy to beautify F road , Marine Drive.
There was huge brainstorming and much deliberation for the proper implementation of Project Impact. All the 10 societies on F road were approached with a request letter from the school. A couple of societies namely shriniketan and Panchasar came forward whole heartedly to support the initiative.
Permission of BMC, police station, railways were sought for and were duly granted for the beautification of the pavements, trees and railings.

The extremely capable 150 teachers along with their ever enthusiastic team of 1500 students collected their art materials from the property department of the school and work commenced and how!!
The entire lane was abuzz with excitement and enthusiasm. It was indeed endearing to watch the hard work exhibited by each Hvbian. There were murals of different facets of nature painted on each wall and on the foot bridge. The midday sun was unable to pose a threat to the zeal and energy of both teachers and students. 3000-Parents as well as some residents of F road also lent a hand at the art work. A hugely successful event indeed which left all participants tired but exhilarated.

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