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Report Of Cooking Competition(Continental…)

We had a cooking competition on 14 August where four teams were competing against each other to win the best-selling fest of the year. We had to choose different cuisines to cook something unique and mouth watering. We had to work in a group of five students. We knew it was a tough job which will test us on our creativity, team work and dedication to make our dishes, and were enthusiastic about it.

We had a clear idea of choosing continental because we had to discover something new and exciting work which will unite all the countries together So we choosed Continental Cuisine and our teammates : Meet Shah , Dhruv Bafna , Anaaya Shah , Sakshi Kore and Krish Shah , put their innovative ideas which we put together and divided our responsibilities to make something delicious.

Pesto pasta salad
Croquttes as our starter
Padthai as our main course
Mojito as our cold drink
Chocolate bliss as our dessert

To respect each others opinion and view and team work .

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