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14TH AUGUST, 2018
Mex-fest was our theme, for the cooking competition held on 14th august 2018.

We had to choose which cuisine we want to do group wise so we had listed out 2 to 3 Cuisines and then selected Mexican as our best option as we thought it would be easier. We tried to mix match some foods which we were making like taquitos with soup sticks or a Mexican hat having nachos and salsa sauce inside it but we were not able to accomplish . So we ended up having 5 dishes and 1 drink in a simple not so different dishes.

We had a salad: taco salad, 1 starter: tostadas, a main course: quesadilla, desert would be tres leches and a Mexican drink champurrado and these were the dishes which we presented to the judges. Out of the 5 dishes, we had to sell 2 dishes to the kids of our school and for these 2 dishes we had choosen nutella churros and the champurrado drink.

On the day of sale: our group had gone through many difficulties as we had very limited Nutella churros made and champurrado, due to lack of utensils and induction gas we had to make both dishes in the same container which had led to limited dough of the churros to fry them. So on many parts we had made errors due to poor management skills and uneven task designation to our team members. Our self-reflection is that if our team would have done samples of dishes at home we could have done much better work. Like also the tostadas if we would have tried we would have known that the corn roti was breaking a lot while we were cooking it so at the end we had to try something new and had to say it was our invention of destroyed tostadas .

The learning part was endless we learned how to promote and attract customers, teamwork , marketing strategies, pricing techniques and the main which most of us really don’t do is cooking a proper meal.

By Mexicano Group: Pahl , Diti , Krish and Nilesh – A/AS LEVELS

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