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Our classrooms are systematically arranged in different layouts so as to prevent monotony in daily routines. Pre-primary classes are especially designed with high visual appeal and elements through which the students can grasp knowledge easily.


Our library has a comprehensive collection of books ranging from academics to general as well as a host of other categories which are helpful for all our students to remain in sync with the latest developments academically and knowledge-wise. Besides, an excellent infrastructure for reading and studying purpose makes the learning process more conclusive.


Our belief of ‘Safety above all and for all’ stands true as provide a host of medical facilities and services for all our students. We have an In-house doctor within the premises that can attend any basic medical needs and emergencies. Also, we schedule regular and timely medical and health checkups for all our students.

AV Room

A State-of-the-art Audio-Visual Room coupled with latest technology has been set up in our premises to host seminars and guest lectures. Apart from this, interactive sessions and lectures are also regularly organized wherein the students can learn better and quicker.


With a capacity to hold up to 500 people at any point of time, our modernistic Auditorium with its advanced amenities is the ideal place for hosting daily assemblies, occasional gatherings as well as annual functions. Also, recreational events can be flagged off from here.


Our futuristic computer Lab is equipped with the best technology and systems available. This benefits our students and encourages them to stay updated with latest news, information and trends, and ultimately ensures that our students are ready to go out and stay in pace with the world.


Our State-of-the-art Science Laboratory is comprehensively designed for optimal safety and imparts the best learning experience ever. It’s equipped with the latest tools and apparatus which helps the learning process to be easier and quicker, making sure the students are scientifically up-to-date.


We strongly believe that learning shouldn’t be only restricted to books. Co-curricular activities hold equal significance in the growth of our students, and hence we have a dedicated Music room for our students. Learning Music also helps the students became self-aware and grow as humans first and foremost.


The school believes in overall growth of every child and for this we have professional coaches for outdoor as well as indoor games, a strong team of P.T. masters, sports co-ordinator and special coaches for various sports. Games include Cricket, Hockey, Football, Table Tennis,Gymnastics, Skating, Throw-ball, Hand-ball and many more. We also have a full-sized sports ground for all the outdoor sports so that there is no shortcoming in the best experience a child can have out there.


The right choice of a career is of fundamental importance. HVB in association with one of India’s Best Premier Career Guidance Organisation, has made arrangements for guidance & counselling, advice, vocational, training, encouragement and orientation. Students choose right profession and careers keeping in mind the aptitude, talent, skills, resources etc.of each and every student. The process starts with a written test and then guidance to the child by exploring the right opportunities in each and every field. The parents have to attend the workshop and are guided by the professionals.


A SPECTACULAR, PRODUCTIVE AREA CREATED FOR EDUCATION. An innovative and interactive approach to molding young minds. Revolutionising education. TERRESTRIAL SPACE – Where Children experience the beauty of earth. GALLACTICAL SPACE – Where the cosmos comes alive for them. AQUARIAL SPACE – Inviting them to explore the depths of the ocean. SCULPTURAL SPACE – Where shapes and space turn elements into pieces of art. SENSORIAL SPACE – Where the VIBGYOR offers them a million opportunities to feel the colours. Five independent sections connectable when desired… created on a lovely simulated street side, taking the young hearts into a world where they can hold infinity in one hour.


Martial Arts at HVB allows our students to not only develop combat skills and strength training but also self discipline that comes along with the practice!


Our students are choreographed by the Shiamak Davar Dance Troupe who are the key reason behind our exhilarating dance performances at several indoor and outdoor school events.

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