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Diary Writing Activity

We, the students of Grade 5, were given a task of making a Diary.
While making our diary-entries, we wrote about our daily routine, things that happened to us in school and at home. We wrote about our secrets and some of our dreams.
We really enjoyed doing this activity. We think everyone should give this activity a try! Some of us are planning to maintain our diaries daily even after this assignment is over.
Along with filling our entries, we also learnt about timelines. A timeline is a sequence of all the important events that happened to us right from the time of birth to the present. 
Our diaries and timelines were very creative. Some of us decorated it by taking pictures from the internet. Many of us drew and coloured. Some of us displayed our creativity by doing craftwork. All our timelines were also different. We would like everyone to make a timeline of their lives today itself! It’s fun revisiting the days gone by.

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