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An Extravagant Experience of cooking competition

By- Etalino
Prerit Mundra, Avani Sanalkar, Zikra Shabdi, Piyush Jain and Meet Kubadiya.

On 14th August 2018, Tuesday we had a cooking feast in our school which was a great learning experience for not only for our team but for all.
Indeed, we developed some cooking skills but we also gained team working skills which would help us in the future to live our life independently.
We choose the cuisine Italian as many youngsters love to eat Italian food. We were a group of 5 and named our group as Etalino. Throughout the entire cooking experience we did face a few problems and challenges but at last, all our efforts paid off.

Initially, we were a group of 4 but a week later a new member joined in and it was easy for us to divide the work.3 days prior to the competition, we arranged for the resources needed to prepare the food. We ensured that every day we at least spent one hour to discuss about the competition.

Several criteria were also given for us which included incorporating colours of the Indian Flag as the next day was Independance day. Miss Jinal was a helping hand and support for us throughout.

We cannot forget how hectic the day was when he had to prepare the food in our assigned classrooms. We had planned in prior that we would be carrying a lightweight oven and an induction.
We decided to make: – 1)Italian Spiker Soda
2) Pizzi Bread
3) T.I Ramisu
4) Sizzling Spaghetti
5) Misu- Baby Potatoes
6) Garden Green Salad

We had developed marketing strategy and after a lot of discussion and arguments we did achieve the goal which we wanted to. We gave discounts to students and children and combo offers when they bought the three items that we sold:-
1. Italian Spiker Soda- Rs. 20
2. Pizzi Bread- Rs. 30
3. Sizzling Spaghetti- Rs. 50
We got an amazing response from the students when we went to each grade for marketing our cuisine.

During cooking in the room the electricity went off due to overloading yet we collaborated with the other group and worked simultaneously. We got very nervous when the electricity went off yet stayed cool and worked on the items that didn’t need electricity until we got the power back.
Our judges Mr. Dhinde sir and Mr. Kishan sir questioned us about how we prepared the food. We collected a surprising amount of Rs. 4000 and we were very happy about it.
In the end we learned marketing skills, team work, to gain confidence and most importantly learned how to cook patiently.
– AS levels students: Avani, Prerit and Zikra

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