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HVB boasts of an impressive list of alumni who have done their alma mater proud. These illustrious individuals for all walks of life have carved a niche for themselves in their chosen vocation. Each of them would happily testify to the critical role their school has played in their lives during their formative years. HVB proved the best catalyst for the budding talent of these achievers.

“1963-67, early years of HVB and the years that shaped my career and character. Cherish, gratefully, the perfect teacher, Mrs. Daruwala and others.”

Mr. Vallabh Bhanshali
Chairman, ENAM Securities Pvt. Ltd.

“I am a proud student of Hindi Vidya Bhavan. I wish the school all the best for its IB Programme.” He has a strong focus on community development and inclusive growth which is reflected by the Kotak group’s initiatives.

Mr. Uday Kotak
Vice-Chairman and MD, Kotak Mahindra Bank

“My school has been a foundation for building my life and career. It has always been an institution giving me a sense of family and has taught me a way to live life and to build relationships as I move forward.”

Mr. Rocky S
Fashion Designer

“HVB Academy played a significant role in developing my personality. At HVB, the focus is on sports, art and craft, etc. Our teachers were among the best. I recognised its value when I went abroad for higher studies.”

Mr. Amit Jatia
MD, McDonald’s India (West & South)

There are so many memories of HVB Academy if you think of it. I have most fond memories of Mrs. Daruwala. After all character, education, skills and abilities are built mostly at school and I am very thankful for what HVB Academy has taught me.

Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Indian Investor and Trader

HVB was an incredible and amazing journey for me as far as my life is concerned. My first 10 years at HVB were the most memorable of my life. HVB etched in my life the most important quality, that is the ability to believe in yourself, regardless of what it may be.

Mr. Sanjay Sachdev
President & CEO, Tata Asset Management

Education is one thing that remains with you for life long. If the base is strong and the foundation is strong, ofcourse you will go a long way in life. In HVB Academy you learn more of culture, you come out with flying colours, and still you have humility.

Mr. Vijay Kalantri
President, All India Association of Industries

It is a privilege to be a part of HVB as it celebrates 50 glorious years. The most memorable of all things was the unconditional love from all teachers, and even though they were strict with us, they always loved us.

Mr. Harshal Shah
President, Reliance Capital Ltd.

I have very fond memories of my school. The school is actually like your cradle and those are your initial formative years. The experiences you have in those years one can never forget. Even if one does not excel at academics, the overall personality development at HVB was fantastic.

Mr. Rajkamal Bajaj
M.D, Bajaj Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

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