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Project Impact - Beautification of 'F'-Road

As active socialists, students of HVB carried out PROJECT IMPACT whereby they worked on Beautification of F Road, Marine Drive. As part of this amazing initiative, students and teachers of HVB renovated and repainted the foot over bridge, walls, footpaths as a mark of a school-society collaborative partnership. Desh Apnayen Initiative!

Fire Brigade Day

This time it's our little toddlers who celebrated World Fire-Brigade day on 14th April. Our Pre-Primary students with their parents performed a skit on the fire safety measures to be taken at the time of a fire outbreak. On this occasion, the firemen conducted a mock drill and were felicitated for their courageous performances.

Gudi Padwa Celebrations

Since every beginning is marked with an auspicious recalling of our gods. At HVBGA, the journey of our tiny tots at Pre-primary embarked with the celebration of Gudi Padwa, the Maharashtrian New Year by dressing up in traditional Maharashtrian outfits. The little humans not only partake in the rituals and festivity but also shared the same feeling of joy and happiness throughout the school by distributing sweets.

Unit of Enquiry (UOI)

The 2nd UOI (Unit of Inquiry) for Grades I - V. This is an endeavor undertaken by the students of the Primary section to adopt the basic methodology of the International System of Education, that is, The Unit of Inquiry. This is a transdisciplinary theme wherein the students have made an effort to create, discover and express their ideas, thoughts, opinions, and feelings with the help of short skits and props.

Masterchefs at HVB

What's better than the combination of food and education? Our Cambridge Grade 5 students learnt Instruction writing while making salad. The activity involved our students learning the use of language, techniques and tools including diction for the creation of an instruction manual. The students ultimately created a food manual and delicious servings.

Pool sessions

Our little tots having a great time beating the heat this summer in their fun pool session s specially organized by our teachers along with a host of fun activities.

Math Activity

We made our Grade 1 students place missing numbers between 1 to 100 on colourful curated chart papers to enhance the learning outcomes.

Lego Activity

The lessons learned at schools like HVB Global Academy are truly the Building Blocks to a happy life. Pictured here are our HVBians engrossed in not just building LEGO structures but also creating bonds with their peers.

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