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From the Principal's Desk

Dr. Chandrakanta R Pathak
PRINCIPAL & CEO, HVB Global Academy (IN793)

HVB Global Academy is a prestigious CAMBRIDGE authorized school in South Mumbai offering the Cambridge Assessment International Education to its learners. In its 56 Golden Years, HVB has been a foremost educational institution enjoying both goodwill and popularity among all its stakeholders. HVB students are aware learners who seek key leadership roles in the complex process of how and what education should deliver to their lives.

The HVB student profile is the school’s mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 21st Century Learner. HVB Mission Statement holds attribute values that infuse the whole school ethos and encourage our students to imbibe a value-based learning culture that in turn harnesses a skill-based understanding of the curricula. HVB Mission Statement is to offer a meaningful, globally connected and comprehensive educational programme to its students regardless of personal circumstances, to empower them to explore their natural curiosity and creativity. HVB students are global citizens who are internationally minded and are willing conductors of positive change in society. HVB students are expressive about their need to find themselves and their understandings of the world around them and in all they learn at school.

HVB through its common school language and philosophy promotes EQ (Emotional Quotient) among all its students. This engages our students in developing personal and social competencies with ensured access to school counsellors, learning support, and advisor care. Grade level coordinators work to promote a natural bridge to the Cambridge Pathway at HVB. We are also keen supporters of students using internet and the World Wide Web safely and therein we take steps to spread active awareness for DQ (Digital Quotient). Wherever we go, the Internet goes with us, providing a continuous environment that most of us have adopted subconsciously as our second home. We text, check the news and play games with others, half way around the world, without giving it a second thought. The web is pervasive but its experiences individual. We awaken the students to their moral responsibilities in their real world versus the augmented and often distorted realities that they encounter in their virtual worlds. Engaging effectively and more meaningfully with virtual communities is woven into the life-skills sessions at school for students to accommodate awareness of their digital footprints in the world.

My role as the Principal & CEO of HVB Global Academy and as a visionary educationist is chartered along the two-fold path of methodology and mentoring. I promote resilience in all my students who are proud transformers of global change and drive sustainability. HVB promotes a ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ learning environment and takes initiative pathways towards students asking the big questions in their classrooms. Experiential learning and conceptual inquiries at HVB form our classroom narrative along with numerous other projects facilitating the teaching-learning process. These projects are for students and involve parent stakeholders towards championing of an integrated curriculum experience at HVB.

As a dynamic educationist self-driven and passionate about my school, I celebrate unconventional innovations and evolving methodologies that accentuate the teaching learning process. My students are my true brand ambassadors and along with my team of teacher-mentors, I work to establish an enquiring outlook at HVB. Students are immersed in several projects sensitizing them to nation-building activities. This I believe is essential for instilling pride as well as accountability towards our local context and in augmenting our students’ nationalistic pride.

I welcome you to HVB where the Happiness Quotient and the Emotional Quotient are bountiful measures of excellence in education. HVB students are exemplary beacons of mindful learners building lifelong success stories. HVB vitalizes its learners with a wholesome grit to set personal goals and engage more altruistically with the world.









HVB Global Academy ‘s vision is to create lifelong success stories.


HVB Global Academy ‘s mission is to offer a meaningful, globally-connected and comprehensive educational programme to its students.


Nurturing imagination; inspiring excellence.

Welcome to HVB Global Academy

HVB Global Academy seeks to foster the holistic development of its students aimed at creating well-rounded individuals with an international outlook and a sense of Indian culture. We adopt an “engaging” educational approach in which our students are accorded ownership of the learning process and encouraged to actively participate in their own education by setting personal goals and self-assessment.

HVB Academy, founded in 1963, seeks to promote international-level education that is steeped in Indian values. HVB Global Academy is a school run by a Charitable Trust managed by well-known entrepreneurs with vision and foresight. Strategically located at the historic Marine Drive, a prime location in South Mumbai, the school has top-notch facilities on its campus. This co-educational school boasts of approximately 1750 students on its rolls and an impressive list of alumni who have carved a niche for themselves in all walks of life, in India and overseas.

Faculty member

Ms. Purvi Shah
Pre Primary Coordinator

M.Com | B.Ed

Ms. Shulagna Banerjee
Primary Coordinator

M.A | B.Ed

MS. Khushnuma Gandhi
Secondary Coordinator

M.A | B.Ed.  

Mr. Rakesh Kushwaha
ICSE Coordinator

M.Sc | M.A | B.Ed

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